December 10, 2023

The Subtleties of Escort Art: What the Best Beauties of Germany Can Do

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Professional escort services make it possible to spend time in the pleasant company of a charming girl with whom you can not just have sex. If you are a business person who, according to your status, has to attend events of various levels, then professional support will come in handy. It is not just an aesthetic pleasure but also evidence of certain status. There are many services to search for high-quality escort services in Germany, but only on the website of an elite escort agency can you find the most significant number of offers from experienced callgirls and attractive high-level ladies.

Best escort from trained ladies

Work in an escort service — escorting influential men and women to commercial events, a dinner party, a business meeting, a movie, or a cafe. Young guys and girls looking for a high income, have natural beauty, and excellent figure work in this area. There are also curvy girls, for those who like something special. They are in order with clients who consider the 90-60-90 figure to be too thin.

Being with a client at a corporate party, escort girls play the role of a friend, lover, or wife. Most foreign and domestic partners are more willing to enter into deals with married and stable business people. Also, a man looks more respectable in the company of a young, luxurious lady.

Duties of girls

Since the duties of the models are not intimate, they entertain the partner more intellectually and morally, provide comfort, and raise self-esteem. They listen, but do not interfere with personal life, do not “leak” information to competitors, keep secrets even of a criminal nature.

Girls in escort services:

  • Attend client events, raising their reputation in the eyes of others. Participate in small talk. A girl is supposed to be cultured, educated, laconic, able to maintain a conversation (even on a political topic), avoiding litigation.
  • They work in cultural institutions. The venue is negotiated in advance. The task of the model is to get dressed, starting from the situation, for example: to put on a cocktail dress in a nightclub and devote the evening to communication, dancing with a partner.
  • They are keeping the company in quiet, cozy places for conversation. Often men and women talk about problems, and the escort model maintains the confidentiality of communication, providing a beneficial psychological impact.

Also, escort services are obliged to follow fashion trends and follow them. It helps talk to the wives of the client’s partners because they influence the husbands and at times push them to conclude a deal. Knowledge of etiquette helps to place oneself as an important person, so every novice model takes courses.