July 16, 2024

The effect of Covid-19 lockdown on couple’s libido

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A whole pot happened during the quarantine, and several couples haven’t gone past the after-effects. More than having the virus, most relationships are victims of this pandemic as a result of the lockdown. During the lockdown, some couples had the opportunity of living together, cohabiting with their spouse, while married couples have to go through the huddle of seeing themselves daily. Although this is meant to strengthen the bonds between married couples, the reverse is the case. Nonetheless, it was effective for unmarried couples who had the opportunity to get together for the first time in a long time.

The quarantine was such that married couples began experiencing lower libido since they now see themselves often. The familiarity became a yardstick in measuring their rate of intimacy. With quarantine, and the virus, sex and other sexual activities dwindled as both parties were thinking about how to make ends meet and provide for the family. However, there are several factors to adopt to spice the relationship up and increase couples’ libido, and they include the following.

Watching porn:

One of the most important methods of reviving a lower libido or sexual desire is actively watching porn. Watching porn is advised not because of the pandemic but as a therapy for couples experiencing little or no sexual urge towards one another. With porn, you not only love to have sex with your partner but see your partner in another fashion. Pornography, however, has been abused by many, and its importance and true meaning has been bastardized. Nonetheless, it remains the most effective means of reviving low libido amongst married couples. Family stroke porn is an excellent place to start exploring your sexual desires as there are several married porn where adaptation with your situation can be found. In fact, you get to find some porn-tagged “quarantine sex,” making it an excellent therapy.

Study the Kamasutra:

The Kamasutra is the intimate sex guide any couple can confide in. Harnessing the power of the kamasutra means studying it not just for sexual positions but for understanding your partner’s body better. The kamasutra teaches you some important characteristics of your partner’s body and how to make your partner feel better than ever. So, another way to improve your libido after the effect of the quarantine is by studying the kamasutra. The same way you study your books and concept should be the same way you study the kamasutra in other to enjoy its optimum benefits. After studying this sex guide, you might want to visit family stroke porn for a sex birth.

Consult a sex therapist:

For couples that haven’t had the liberty of staying indoors for a long period of time, they might undergo some psychological effects after the quarantine. So, for some couples, the issue is more psychological than it is physical. Most times, your libido is fine, but because you’ve been mentally stressed from the quarantine, you begin to perceive yourself as “not enough” for your partner. If this is the case, a sex therapist will go a long way in helping you and your spouse figure thing out.

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