December 10, 2023

How To Impress A Guy On An Online Dating App Through Texts?

3 min read

So, you have been matched with the guy whose pictures and funny bio on the online chatting app have already stolen your heart. We know your heart has missed a few beats, and you scold yourself for smiling alone. But it’s time to remember some bitter facts.

You are still unknown to him behind a few cute pictures and catchy jargon. To let him know how awesome you are in real life, the only way you can use until he asks you out is texting. And girl, you are not allowed to let it go wrong.

Here are the surefire tactics you will need to make your Prince-charming chase you from the very first conversation. Even if you just want to make friends online, keep reading!

Take a look at his profile and mention something:

Yes, that would be the best icebreaker for any successful chat. Whenever you make friends, remember that the things you see in their photos and profiles are the things they like and want to talk about.

Go through his profile first, and get a lead that interests you. If you need more worth mentioning, then scroll through his picture. There you will find something intriguing to use as a conversation starter.

For example, if you notice the statue of liberty in his picture, you can start with, “Hey, I always have wanted to explore the USA; how is it?”

Flatter him:

Men will never tell you, but they love to hear good things about them from a girl, especially a girl they are into. And whenever you compliment a guy, it shows how confident you are. So, start by giving him compliments that convey your genuine interest in him.

P.S: Rather than mentioning his good looks, you can come up with something like “It seems you got a great taste in music. Can you recommend some of your favorites?”

Open-ended questions are excellent icebreakers.

The questions that could be answered with a “yes” or “no” are not the most suitable when talking to your online friends. You can start with some personal or fun questions that begin with “why,” “what,” or “how .”It will help him open up, and you will start knowing each other.

People who create their profiles on online dating apps bear a secret desire to meet people online, talk about themselves and their personal life that they can’t often share with their offline friends. So, the right questions can take you closer to his heart.

Play funny online games with him

There are many games like “truth or dare,” “would you rather,” etc., that you can play while you chat with friend online. “Would you rather” is a fun game in which you give them two funny options. He has to pick one of them. Your questions must be funny and silly sometimes. You can ask him the questions that will help you to decide if he is the appropriate choice for you or not. It will reveal a part of his personality and his likes and dislikes.

Wrapping up:

Use funny GIFs to catch his attention. When you send a GIF, the chance of getting a reply increases by 30%. Guys can never resist a woman who has a good sense of humor. So, don’t hesitate if you feel like sending him a joke or telling something funny; go ahead.

All the best!