April 25, 2024

Call girl in Paris Some places to visit

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Most of the wonders of knowing the city are carried through the streets, rather than knowing where to go. This also applies in Paris. Even so, I want to make a list to help at night. I chose a number of places that you might find difficult to understand in your wanderings or even search the internet.

Le Comptoir Général – This is a bar-restaurant-culture room. Actually you can’t say what it really is, but it’s the right place to have fun at night (or study during the day). The bar is in a house with a different atmosphere and almost every day there is a different party. DJs play everything. You can’t be bored. The bad part? Every pleasure has a price, and there they are not the smallest in Paris ($ 7 euro 500ml beer, $ 12-15 euro cocktail).

Nuba – This is a bar located on the terrace of Cité de la Mode; a fashion complex that has schools, galleries and others. The bar has a very pleasant atmosphere with large tables and attached vegetable gardens, and beautiful views of the Seine. Also has an indoor dance floor. In addition, this place has several outdoor parties throughout the year. The main thing is summer when the terrace is crowded. The price is similar to the price of Le Comptoir Général.

Wanderlust – Event space in the Cite de la Mode complex, home to music, lifestyle, and party events. Hyper modern architecture makes the atmosphere quite relaxed. Like Nuba, it has greater movement during the summer, because a wider area is found. You can find a lady escort here. But if you have no time for talking a lot, visiting call girl in Paris is a good choice.

Rue Mouffetard and Rue de la Butte aux Calles – These streets are very tasty and full of bars and restaurants of all the places of the world. Good for quiet nights. At the gastronomic post I give some indications, so check it out.

2Bis – If you are looking for a beer at the end of the day, just find it. 2Bis is one of the bars with the most beer in Paris, with a pint starting at 3 euros! The bar also has a good selection of snacks. Besides that, it’s always full – but you can always get space.

Zigzag – A nightclub near the Champs-Élysées, famous for its electronic parties. This club usually accommodates several DJs from all over the world. It has a unique setting: a large hall that is reminiscent of the old theater. Worth it for those who want to enjoy electronics that are not too heavy, more commercial.

Tip: They usually sell tickets early for large events and have a friendly Facebook list for small parties.

Paris Opera – A visit to the Palais Garnier is important in the list of things to do in Paris. There are two options for getting to know the monument: visiting the theater and watching the show. I have never visited, but I think it is amazing to be able to know in detail the installation and history of this theater that is so important to world culture. So I suggest you plan both options if you have free time. Otherwise, my tip is watching the show. It feels so magical! This is the perfect program for you to experience all of Paris’s improvements.

Tip: Glasses are usually attended by a lot of people, so cheaper tickets are easily sold out. Plan your trip first to ensure more choices. But if you don’t and you have a tight budget try to get a ticket on the day of presentation. Theater usually sells the remaining tickets starting at 10 euros! The box office opens at 11am.

Hopefully this article can help you to enjoy the nights in Paris.

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